The various forms of Te - sometimes called Di - were Karate's Okinawan precursors, and included Naha Te, Shuri Te, and Tomari Te. Developed while weapons were banned, Te was strictly an unarmed art; for Okinawan weapons training, see Kobujutsu (p. 178). Te was brutal and combat-oriented. It was taught informally, had neither a ranking system nor a uniform, and made few distinctions between styles. The master taught techniques and kata at his discretion rather than in a set order.


Marma is the Indian study of pressure points. It's a closely guarded secret, passed along only to the most advanced students of Kalaripayit (pp. 168-169). Marma's claims and methods are identical to those of other martial arts that use pressure points.

Marma is a subset of Kalaripayit, not studied alone. Only Kalaripayit stylists can learn Pressure Points from a marma master. Furthermore, because marma teaches how to both heal and kill, stylists who study Pressure Points must learn Esoteric Medicine and Physiology, too.

Some sources claim that marma techniques exist for tigers, elephants, and other animals. If the GM wishes, marma practitioners can avoid the penalties in Physiology Modifiers (p. B181) by buying a Style Perk for each animal they've studied. Veterinary is an appropriate optional skill for such characters.

Te stresses deflecting an incoming attack and then launching a strong counterattack. The goal is to finish the fight with a single blow - either a killing punch or kick, or an incapacitating pressure-point strike. Stylists use Aggressive Parry to ward off an enemy's attack, and then follow up with a disabling or lethal attack. Committed Attack (Strong) is common, and blows often target the vitals, neck, or skull.

Many Te masters went on to found Karate schools, but almost none passed on pure Te. Today, training in Te is nearly impossible to find - the GM could reasonably require a modern PC to have an Unusual Background if he wishes to know Te. This rarity makes Te an excellent "ultimate style" (see Ultimate Styles, p. 144).

Skills: Judo; Karate.

Techniques: Aggressive Parry; Back Kick; Counterattack (Karate); Elbow Strike; Exotic Hand Strike; Hammer Fist; Kicking; Knee Strike; Leg Grapple; Sweep (Karate); Targeted Attack (Karate Exotic Hand Strike/Vitals); Targeted Attack (Karate Kick/Vitals); Targeted Attack (Karate Punch/Neck).

Cinematic Skills: Breaking Blow; Immovable Stance; Kiai; Mental Strength; Power Blow; Pressure Points; Pressure Secrets.

Cinematic Techniques: Dual-Weapon Attack (Karate); Lethal Kick; Lethal Strike; Pressure-Point Strike; Targeted Attack (Lethal Kick/Vitals); Targeted Attack (Lethal Strike/Vitals).

Perks: Iron Body Parts (Any); Special Exercises (Striking ST +1); Unusual Training (Breaking Blow, Only vs. well-braced objects out of combat).

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