Before being codified as a sport, boxing was an often-illegal contest with few rules. Ground techniques were forbidden, but fighters used standing grapples, chokes, and all manner of blows prohibited in modern matches. Many cultures have some form of stand-up, bare-knuckle contest. This style with the "Street" lens (p. 38) can represent the techniques used in underground "boxing clubs" and back-alley brawling.

Skills: Boxing; Wrestling.

Techniques: As Boxing (pp. 152-153), but add Head Butt.

Perks: As Boxing, but replace Clinch with Skill Adaptation (Head Butt defaults to Boxing).

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

Devoted as I am to popularizing amateur boxing and to improving the caliber of this particularly desirable competitive sport, I am highly enthusiastic over John Walsh's boxing instruction book. No one in the United States today can equal John's record as an amateur boxer and a coach. He is highly regarded as a sportsman. Before turning to coaching and the practice of law John was one of the most successful college and Golden Gloves boxers the sport has ever known.

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