Smasha is an orcish martial art with unknown origins. All of its practitioners show a degree of refined brutality that's disturbing at best. Some can even perform vicious feats beyond the capabilities of any ordinary orc. Fortunately, few orcs have the dedication to take their studies that far; most practitioners are mundane fighters. Only truly remarkable orcs master the full intricacies of Smasha, but almost every tribe includes a few brawler-wrestlers with more skill than the average orc.

Smasha is a highly aggressive style. Practitioners always attempt to seize and hold the initiative, and Defensive Attack is unheard of. The few "defensive" moves the style does teach start with Aggressive Parry and follow up with attacks on the injured limb. Stylists use every dirty trick to disorient, damage, and destroy the enemy, and target the eyes, skull, neck, groin, and vitals in preference to all other locations. A fallen victim invites a Stamp Kick or five - the orc using All-Out Attack (Strong) or (Determined) if his prey has no allies nearby!

Cinematic Smasha practitioners are even more brutal. They can stun foes with their battle-cries and deliver tremendous blows to vulnerable spots with pinpoint accuracy.

Skills: Boxing; Brawling; Wrestling. Techniques: Aggressive Parry (Brawling); Arm Lock; Choke Hold; Eye-Gouging; Eye-Poke; Eye-Rake; Head Butt; Kicking; Neck Snap; Stamp Kick; Targeted Attack (Boxing Punch/Neck); Targeted Attack (Boxing Punch/Skull); Targeted Attack (Brawling Kick/Groin); Targeted Attack (Brawling Stamp Kick/Neck); Targeted Attack (Brawling Two-Handed Punch/Neck); Two-Handed Punch.

Cinematic Skills: Kiai; Power Blow; Pressure Points; Pressure Secrets.

Cinematic Techniques: Eye-Pluck; Pressure-Point Strike; Roll with Blow.

Perks: Clinch (Boxing or Brawling); Iron Hands; Neck Control (Boxing or Brawling); Special Exercises (DR 1 with Tough Skin); Special Exercises (Striking ST +1); Technique Adaptation (Aggressive Parry).

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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