Sambo is an acronym for the Russian samozashchita bez oruzhiya ("self-protection without weapons"). The style originated in the 1930s as an amalgamation of traditional wrestling styles - including Mongolian, Caucasian, Greco-Roman, and belt wrestling - and Judo. Its founders deliberately set out to design a unifying "Soviet" art that would replace all existing styles in the USSR.

Grappling comes first in Sambo. Strikes serve chiefly to distract or injure the enemy, "softening" him for an effective hold or lock. Stylists use a full range of maneuvers, but the style emphasizes aggression over reaction, making Wait and Evaluate less common than Attack and Committed Attack. Perhaps unusually, Sambo makes extensive use of Leg Locks. Many proponents claim that limb locks are more effective than chokes for defeating a foe.

While Sambo lacks a body of legendary techniques, it enjoys a mystique as a brutally effective art used by ruthless, physically powerful men. Cinematic samboists are likely to have high levels of ST and HT, and use Power Blow to shatter arms and snap legs. They might also know certain "strong man" techniques that, while not realistic for actual combat, feature prominently in the wilder claims made for the style.

The style presented here is military or "combat" Sambo, taught to special-operations forces and elite police units. There's also a sport version. To get this, add the Wrestling Sport skill and remove the Disarming and Choke Hold techniques - and since striking isn't allowed, eliminate Karate and its techniques, too.

Skills: Judo; Karate; Wrestling.

Techniques: Arm Lock; Choke Hold; Disarming (Judo); Elbow Strike; Ground Fighting (Wrestling); Head Lock; Leg Lock; Leg Throw; Lower-Body Arm Lock; Lower-Body Head Lock; Lower-Body Leg Lock; Stamp Kick; Triangle Choke; Wrench (Limb).

Cinematic Skills: Immovable Stance; Mental Strength; Power Blow.

Cinematic Techniques: Backbreaker; Piledriver.

Perks: Iron Legs; Power Grappling; Special Exercises (Striking ST +1); Technique Adaptation (Ground Fighting).

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