French cane fighting emerged during the Napoleonic period, when wearing swords was banned within Paris' city limits. Parisians switched to canes and wielded them with sword techniques. Some schools used a crook-topped cane as long as 5 1/2 feet; these schools would replace Smallsword with Staff and add the Hook (Staff) and Sweep (Staff) techniques. This style was often taught in conjunction with Savate (pp. 193-194).

Modern French cane-fighting schools teach double-cane techniques, as well as Knife (for the bowie knife and straight razor), Shortsword (for the cutlass), Staff, and Whip. Some add firearms training, too.

The style used with the German dusack (p. 215) would be similar; simply replace Smallsword with Shortsword. Martial artists who prefer long, narrow canes would replace Smallsword with Rapier. In both cases, adjust the techniques to match the master skill.

Skills: Smallsword.

Techniques: Disarming (Smallsword); Feint (Smallsword).

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