Lethwei (also known as Lethay) is a Burmese boxing system similar to Muay Thai (pp. 185-186). Unlike Muay Thai, however, Lethwei permits throws, head butts, and sweeps. It's even legal to strike a falling opponent once on the way down, if his head is at least 12 inches from the floor. Competitors rarely use substantial hand wrappings, let alone gloves.

Lethwei has no weight classes, although some tournaments group contenders by age and experience. A bout goes four rounds. The first three rounds end when there's bleeding from a head wound or an especially effective strike or takedown. The final round lasts until one participant is knocked out or gives in. Under traditional rules, a fighter must submit to end the match; unconscious contestants are revived and given the option to continue or submit.

Skills: As Muay Thai, but add Judo and change Games specialty to Lethwei.

Techniques: As Muay Thai, plus Head Butt.

Perks: As Muay Thai, plus Iron Hands.

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