Sub-Saharan Africa has a rich stickfighting tradition. Some styles use a stick grasped in the middle as a parrying stick and another stick gripped at the end to strike. Such styles sometimes use a weapon much closer to a knobbed club (p. 219) for striking - add Axe/Mace for the primary stick, making style cost 3 points, and use Smallsword for the off-hand parrying stick. (Irish shillelagh fighting uses similar tactics: attacks are with a knobbed club, parries are with a shorter stick in the off hand.)

Skills: Smallsword.

Techniques: As Escrima (pp. 155-156), but remove all Karate and Main-Gauche techniques. For styles with Axe/Mace, any technique listed for Smallsword is also available for Axe/Mace.

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