This style is based on the heroic stories of Homer's Iliad. Greek heroes carried two spears and a sword. They were ferried to battle on chariots but dismounted to fight. They usually threw one spear and saved the other for melee. The sword was a backup, used when both spears were lost or against especially difficult foes. Spear fighters should also learn Pankration (pp. 188-189) or some form of Wrestling (pp. 204-206) or Boxing (pp. 152-153).

Greek epics often demonstrated the enemy's ferocity and the danger posed by his weapons by having the hero narrowly avoid an attack that went on to kill his chariot driver. The GM could treat this as a limited Extra Life!

Legendary Celtic warriors fought similarly, and should use this style as well. They were famed for being able to run up volleys of arrows shot at them. See Special Feats for Cinematic Skills (pp. 129-130) for ideas on how to handle this.

Skills: Shield; Spear; Thrown Weapon (Spear). Techniques: As Sojutsu (pp. 197-198), but remove Disarming (Spear) and Sweep (Spear).

Cinematic Skills and Techniques: As Sojutsu, but add Dual-Weapon Attack (Thrown Spear).

Perks: Naval Training; Off-Hand Weapon Training (Thrown Spear).

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