India has a long tradition of wrestling. According to myth, the gods taught the art to a mortal so that he could defeat a demon. Its actual origins are untraceable, as they date to prehistory. Wrestling was common in India from the time of the earliest written records, though, and is still popular today.

Indian wrestlers strive for massive size. The ideal is solid slabs of muscle - not the sheer weight favored by Japan's sumotori. The sport depends on submissions and pins, which limits the value of mass for its own sake.

Wrestlers rise as early as 3 a.m. to exercise, and do dands ("cat stretch" pushups) and baithaks (deep knee bends) to build endurance and strength. They always do these exercises in a 1:2 ratio, and each exercise has its own routine. They spend the whole day alternately wrestling, exercising, and undergoing massages to prepare their muscles for more work. Medieval wrestlers ate meat; modern ones eat great quantities of almonds, milk, and ghee (clarified butter) to fuel their activities. Wrestlers are expected to be celibate, patriotic, and stoic.

Like other sport wrestling, Indian Wrestling emphasizes pins and holds. Its trademark tactic is the steady, patient application of technique and pressure to force the opponent to submit. Otherwise, it largely resembles Greco-Roman Wrestling (p. 205) in execution.

Wrestlers traditionally work out with the gada, or two-handed mace. They often pose for pictures holding it but rarely learn to fight with it. In a historical or cinematic game, it might see more use as a weapon.

Cinematic Indian wrestlers should be incredibly strong. Like Hindu yogi, they might be capable of feats of body control. Their self-denial in terms of sex, food, and luxuries is seen as instrumental in developing internal energy to project during bouts.

Skills: Savoir-Faire (Dojo); Wrestling; Wrestling Sport.

Techniques: Arm Lock; Ground Fighting (Wrestling); Low Fighting (Wrestling).

Cinematic Skills: Body Control; Immovable Stance; Light Walk; Mental Strength; Pressure Points.

Perks: Special Exercises (FP can exceed HT by 50%); Special Exercises (Lifting ST +1).

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