Iaijutsu is the Japanese art of drawing a weapon and striking or parrying with it in a single motion. It rose to prominence during a period when samurai were routinely armed but not typically in combat. (In battle, they'd ready their weapons before engaging the enemy!) It fell into disfavor after "crossroad cuttings" - practicing Iaijutsu skills on convenient passersbv - became common. Swordsmen often studied Iaijutsu alongside Kenjutsu (above) or Nito Ryu (below).

Iaijutsuka (Iaijutsu stylists) focus on two sets of tactics. Defensively, they practice drawing the sword to fend off blows - especially surprise attacks. Offensively, they learn to draw and strike before their victim can react.

The iaijutsuka doesn't necessarily expect to win the fight with his initial strike. He remains poised to deliver second and later attacks should his foe survive the first one. After dispatching his enemy, he composes himself while remaining wary; treat this as a Wait maneuver. Once it's clear that no further threat remains, the iaijutsuka cleans his blade before sheathing it.

The motion used to clean blood from the blade is called chiburi. This automatically follows many Iaijutsu moves, whether or not the iaijutsuka plans to sheathe his weapon. It can consist of a broad, swinging motion, a wrist snap, or spinning the sword. Flicking the blood of a fallen enemy from the blade used to cut him down can impress onlookers and surviving foes - roll a free Intimidation attempt! In cinematic and fantasy games, chiburi is also useful for removing corrosive monster blood, incriminating poison, etc.

Skills: Broadsword; Broadsword Art; Fast-Draw (Sword); Two-Handed Sword.

Techniques: Back Strike (Broadsword or Two-Handed Sword); Low Fighting (Broadsword or Two-Handed Sword); Targeted Attack (Broadsword or Two-Handed Sword Swing/Arm); Targeted Attack (Broadsword or Two-Handed Sword Swing/Neck); Targeted Attack (Broadsword or Two-Handed Sword Swing/Skull); Targeted Attack (Broadsword or Two-Handed Sword Thrust/Neck); Targeted Attack (Broadsword or Two-Handed Sword Thrust/Vitals).

Cinematic Skills: Mental Strength; Precognitive Parry.

Cinematic Techniques: Springing Attack (Broadsword or Two-Handed Sword); Timed Defense (Broadsword or Two-Handed Sword).

Perks: Grip Mastery (Katana); Quick-Sheathe (Sword); Shtick (Chiburi).

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