Pankration was the ancient Greek style of all-in wrestling. Its name translates as "all powers" and refers to the fact that in competition, all holds and strikes were permitted. Matches were long and brutal, and could end in death or disfigurement. Pankrationists needed a great deal of endurance to last even a single bout. They trained to fight equally well on slick ground, loose sand, and soft earth.

Pankrationists generally took Evaluate or Wait maneuvers until they spotted a good opening, then rushed in to deliver strikes or to execute a grapple and takedown. They used all manner of attacks. Hand strikes included punches dealt with protruding knuckles or stiffened fingers, overhead chops using the edge of the hand, and blows with the heel of the palm. Finishing moves done as All-Out Attacks were crowd-pleasers. Fighters usually fought defensively, though; the most common end to a match was a decisive hold on the ground. Fatal damage from strikes, limb wrenches, or chokes wasn't uncommon.

Pankration had no weight classes, so champions tended to be strong men. However, the ancient Greeks admired the skilled contender who defeated his opponents through superior technique as much as the strong fighter who simply overpowered his foes with brute force. There were also those who felt that all pankrationists were bloody-handed, simple-minded fools who represented the worst in Greek culture, and whose skills were worthless to the polis during wartime.

There are modern versions of Pankration. These don't trace their heritage back to ancient Greece but do take inspiration from the original sport. Skills and techniques are similar but tend to deemphasize moves that would be illegal in sanctioned mixed martial arts events.

Skills: Games (Pankration); Judo; Karate; Wrestling.

Techniques: Arm Lock; Elbow Strike; Exotic Hand Strike; Ground Fighting (Judo or Wrestling); Hammer Fist; Kicking; Knee Strike; Leg Grapple; Low Fighting (Wrestling); Stamp Kick; Wrench (Limb).

Cinematic Skills: Immovable Stance; Power Blow.

Cinematic Techniques: Backbreaker; Lethal Strike; Roll with Blow.

Perks: Iron Hands; Neck Control (Karate); Sure-Footed (Slippery); Sure-Footed (Uneven).

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