Kachin Bando is a fighting style of the Jingpaw, or "men of the hills" - a northern Burmese people famous for their guerrilla campaigns against the Japanese in World War II. History credits them with killing more than 10,000 Japanese soldiers while losing only a few hundred men. "Kachin" is a Burmese term meaning "savage," sometimes used by outsiders to describe the Jingpaw. Strong animists, their Bando has 16 animal forms.

Kachin Bando incorporates many Naban (wrestling) moves. These include "bottom riding" techniques very similar to the guard of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The style respects no rules in true combat; it uses biting, eye-gouging, raking with the fingernails, and other "dirty" techniques. Advanced students may learn Banshay (p. 176) or just a few weapons, such as the knife and kukri.

Kachin Bando is an aggressive style aimed at quickly disabling or killing the enemy. Stylists throw shin kicks to the legs to cripple the foe, or to the head to knock him out, and often aim vicious hand strikes at the head and neck. If the fight goes to the ground, the fighter is likely to apply a Choke Hold, Leg Lock, or Arm Lock - using his hands or legs - to kill or incapacitate his opponent. Feints aren't common, while full-bore attacks are; a Committed Attack (Strong) or even All-Out Attack (Strong) with a punch, kick, or Knee Strike is a favorite way to knock out the enemy. Defenses are similarly hard: the Bando man likes to use Jam against kicks and Aggressive Parry (often with the elbow) to stop punches.

Students usually start by learning Lethwei (p. 186). Once they have a firm grounding in that art - and possibly after proving themselves in a few fights - they graduate to Bando lessons. Schools outside of Burma sometimes teach the full style from the outset, since Lethwei contests are less common than mixed martial arts fights and self-defense applications.

Cinematic Kachin Bando stylists should focus on brutal "hard" techniques rather than on chi abilities. As the Jingpaw are animists, spirit magic might suit a cinematic master - but the optional advantages below are more fitting than chi powers or magic.

Kachin Bando remains obscure today. Northern Myanmar is difficult to access and in a constant state of low-level rebellion, while there are few instructors outside the region. The style is taught in the Eastern U.S., however. Kachin Bando has no ranking system, uniform, or association.

Skills: Karate; Wrestling.

Techniques: Aggressive Parry; Arm Lock; Choke Hold; Elbow Strike; Eye-Gouging; Eye-Rake; Ground Fighting (Karate or Wrestling); Hammer Fist; Head Butt; Jam;

Kicking; Knee Strike; Leg Lock; Low Fighting (Karate or Wrestling); Lower-Body Arm Lock; Lower-Body Leg Lock; Push Kick; Triangle Choke. Cinematic Skills: Power Blow.

Cinematic Techniques: Roll with Blow; Timed Defense. Perks: Biting Mastery; Iron Legs; Neck Control (Karate); Power Grappling; Special Exercises (Striker, Crushing with Limb, Shin); Style Adaptation (Lethwei).

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