La Verdadera Destreza ("The True Skill") was the Spanish school of swordsmanship. It was a civilian art. In fact, the Spanish were among the first to recognize that military and civilian swordfighting were distinctly different. It developed as a method of dueling and satisfying the demands of honor - a testament to the Spanish sensitivity to honor.

The stances and techniques of La Verdadera Destreza drew heavily from mathematics and science, and stylists -diestro - studied Classical geometry and natural philosophy in addition to the sword. The ideal diestro remained cool and detached, projecting dignity and grace. He avoided excessive motion and "vulgarity" in form or technique in favor of efficient, geometry-based movements. He learned to watch his opponent and "read" his stance in order to respond at the best moment. The diestro also maintained blade-to-blade contact as much as possible in order to sense his adversary's intent from his blade. Masters were said to be able to use these methods to fight effectively even in the dark!

La Verdadera Destreza emphasizes reaction to the opponent's opening. The diestro stands erect, point toward the enemy, awaiting the perfect moment to strike. He attacks only when he achieves desvio: redirection of (or possibly indifference to) his foe's weapon. Thus, the style's signature moves are the Evaluate and Wait maneuvers. When the adversary launches an attack that leaves him vulnerable, the diestro parries and then follows up with a Counterattack to a vital location. He eschews the similar but riskier Riposte (pp. 124-125).

The style also teaches disarms and counters to disarms, and how to fight with either hand - indeed, some stylists learn to fight with two rapiers simultaneously. Unarmed techniques aren't part of the style. The diestro defeats his foes using his blade, not by wrestling.

In a cinematic game, the sensitivity and poise of the diestro suggest several special abilities. The style is also well-suited to Weapon Master (Rapier). Cinematic stylists won't be flashy fencers like those in the movies. Instead, they'll be extremely composed, unflappable, and imperturbable in the face of the enemy.

Skills: Expert Skill (Natural Philosophy); Mathematics/TL2 (Pure); Rapier.

Techniques: Bind Weapon (Rapier); Counterattack (Rapier); Disarming (Rapier); Feint (Rapier); Retain Weapon (Rapier); Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Face); Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Neck); Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Vitals).

Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting; Light Walk; Mental Strength; Precognitive Parry.

Cinematic Techniques: Dual-Weapon Attack (Rapier); Dual-Weapon Defense (Rapier); Initial Carving (Rapier).

Perks: Chi Resistance (Kiai); Off-Hand Weapon Training (Rapier); Sure-Footed (Uneven).

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