Bajutsu was the traditional Japanese art of horsemanship. It taught the horseman how to control his mount. He had to study fighting from his mount separately. Other cultures that employed cavalry took a similar approach and had identical styles. Riders trained in Bajutsu or its equivalent should study an armed style separately or merge its techniques with those of Bajutsu via the Style Adaptation perk. For candidate styles, see Armatura Equestris (p. 150), Furusiyya (pp. 159-161), Knightly Mounted Combat (pp. 175177), and Yabusame (p. 181).

Cinematic Bajutsu masters often have fantastic mounts and/or high levels of Animal Friend. They can also learn unique specialties of certain cinematic skills that enable them to augment their mount's abilities. These skills can't exceed the horseman's Riding skill, and work on the horse -not the rider.

Skills: Animal Handling (Equines); Riding (Horse).

Techniques: Combat Riding; Hands-Free Riding; Quick Mount; Staying Seated.

Cinematic Skills: Flying Leap (Horse); Immovable Stance (Horse); Light Walk (Horse).

Perks: Style Adaptation (Any mounted style).

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