Chinese Spear Fighting is dramatic. A move particular to Chinese styles, especially cinematic ones, is the full-extension thrust with one hand on the very end of the pole. This is an All-Out Attack (Long) that ends in a crouch, inflicting normal one-handed damage. Cinematic fighters should use the Flying Lunge technique and the Tip Slash option (p. 113) extensively, too.

Chinese spears are flexible, allowing arced thrusts. Treat these as Deceptive Attacks. A decorative horse-hair tassel -white or brightly colored - is knotted behind the head. This serves to distract enemies and prevent blood from running down the shaft (which could foul the wielder's grip).

Skills: Acrobatics; Spear; Staff.

Techniques: As Sojutsu (pp. 197-198), but add Feint (Staff) and Sweep (Staff).

Cinematic Skills and Techniques: As Sojutsu, but add Flying Lunge (Spear).

Perks: Form Mastery (Spear); Grip Mastery (Spear).

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