Banshay is the armed sub-style of Thaing (a blanket term for Burmese martial arts). It's usually learned in conjunction with Bando (pp. 151-152). It includes the use of fist loads, sticks, batons (dhot), staffs, clubs, spears, shields, knives, machetes, kukris, swords (short through broad), axes, bows, crossbows, ropes, chains, belts, whips, shoes, and even clothes. Ancient legends are plentiful, such as that of Prince Sawthi of Burma, who slew four giant monsters after being trained by a hermit archery master.

Skills: Broadsword; Knife; Shield; Shortsword; Spear; Staff.

Techniques: As Kobujutsu (p. 178), but for the above weapon skills.

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