Traditional Chinese kung fu has four parts: kicking, punching, grappling, and seizing vital points. Chin Na (roughly, "seize and control") - also called "Chin Na Kung Fu" - is a term for the last two aspects. It's a truly ancient art. Grappling has been part of China's martial tradition since before written record, and joint-manipulation and locking techniques are equally old.

Martial artists typically learn Chin Na as part of one or more other Chinese styles, most of which describe their joint-locking methods as "Chin Na." Chin Na is also the subject of many texts on its own, however, and remains remarkably consistent across styles that teach it. It's sometimes taught independently, to students from many arts. For game purposes, it qualifies as its own style.

Chin Na aims to control and defeat the opponent by manipulating joints and activating pressure points. It regards painful locks that force the victim to submit without permanent injury as merciful, as its methods can cripple or kill! The Chin Na practitioner attempts to get a hold on his adversary - usually by making a parry that sets up an Arm Lock or Finger Lock. In a life-or-death struggle, he'll use more harmful techniques. He might even act offensively, grappling his enemy in order to use locks and throws. Fully offensive postures such as All-Out and Committed Attack are uncommon, though.

Chin Na is often taught alongside traditional healing and first aid. Students are expected to be able to use their knowledge to heal as well as to harm. Cinematic practitioners can utilize their extensive knowledge of pressure points to kill or to heal, and might become inured to pain thanks to endless practice with their sifu.

Skills: Judo.

Techniques: Arm Lock; Choke Hold; Finger Lock; Head Lock; Leg Grapple; Trip.

Cinematic Skills: Pressure Points; Pressure Secrets.

Cinematic Techniques: Pressure-Point Strike.

Perks: Technique Mastery (Arm Lock); Technique Mastery (Finger Lock); Unusual Training (Pressure Points).

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