Iaido is the -do form of Iaijutsu (p. 174). Like Kendo, it started life as a way to cope with the loss of combat conditions under which to practice. Unlike Kendo, it focuses on kata and drill, not free sparring. Stylists often use an unsharpened sword.

Skills: Broadsword Art; Fast-Draw (Sword); Savoir-Faire (Dojo); Two-Handed Sword Art.

Techniques: Low Fighting (Broadsword Art or Two-Handed Sword Art). Cinematic Skills: Mental Strength.

Cinematic Techniques: Springing Attack (Broadsword Art or Two-Handed Sword Art).

Perks: Grip Mastery (Katana); Quick-Sheathe (Sword); Shtick (Chiburi).

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