Shotokan Ryu is the Karate school founded by Funakoshi Gichin (p. 23). It's named for the pseudonym he used when writing poetry: Shoto ("Pine Wave"). Funakoshi led the relocation of Karate to Japan, and today his school is one of the world's largest Karate organizations. Many Karate schools worldwide teach either Shotokan or a style based on it.

In Shotokan as in most traditional Karate styles, the karateka learns to defend and then counterattack, and launches each technique with the intention of disabling his adversary in a single blow. At the start of the fight, he uses Evaluate to size up his foe or All-Out Defense to ensure a successful defense. After stopping the initial attack, he hits back with a strong blow, typically a punch or a kick aimed at the head, neck, or torso. Attacks to the limbs are less frequent. Shotokan uses a lot of feints, and an alternating series of Feints and Attacks - plus the rare All-Out Attack

(Feint) - is a common rhythm, with the fighter stringing together techniques until his opponent fails to defend.

Shotokan stresses kata and preset pattern drills. Freestyle sparring is uncommon. In competition, scoring is for techniques stopped just short of contact, and there are limits on the number of consecutive attacks that contenders can launch. However, the style retains much of its Te core. Students drill hard in its techniques, practicing them against makiwara (p. 233) and using them in tameshiwari (breaking). Thus, the art remains valid for self-defense.

Funakoshi didn't believe in chi powers and often debunked or refuted wilder claims about the martial arts. Nevertheless, after his death, some adherents attributed amazing capabilities to him. Cinematic Shotokan stylists might possess several chi abilities and be able to pull off such showy tricks as using tameshiwari against active, resisting foes.

Funakoshi placed great emphasis on the peaceful nature of karate-do. Even when he recounted using Karate in circumstances that most would deem justified self-defense, he felt that he had overreacted and used too much force. Karateka who emulate Funakoshi and adhere to his teachings might have Pacifism (Self-Defense Only).

Skills: Karate; Karate Art; Savoir-Faire (Dojo).

Techniques: Back Kick; Elbow Strike; Exotic Hand Strike; Feint (Karate); Hammer Fist; Jump Kick; Kicking; Knee Strike; Spinning Kick; Stamp Kick.

Cinematic Skills: Breaking Blow; Immovable Stance; Kiai; Mental Strength; Pressure Points; Pressure Secrets.

Cinematic Techniques: Lethal Kick; Lethal Strike; Pressure-Point Strike.

Perks: Clinch (Karate); Technique Adaptation (Feint); Unusual Training (Breaking Blow, Only vs. well-braced objects out of combat).

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