Postures Hit Locations and Techniques

Realistically, a fighter's posture influences the attacks he can attempt, rendering some impossible while making others easier or harder. The modifiers for postures and hit locations in the Basic Set are generic. They're usually fine but they don't cover every possible situation. For instance, the -4 for lying down and -5 to hit the face suggest that a prone man can hit a standing foe in the face at -9. He probably can - with a sword. He shouldn't be allowed to try this with a knife or a fist unless he has Stretching, though!

The GM is free to assign a modifier to any attack he feels should be easier or harder from a given posture, and to forbid those that seem silly. Below are detailed rules for those who enjoy extreme realism. They assume two fighters with Size Modifiers that differ by no more than ±1. For more extreme SM differences, use Combat at Different Levels (p. B402).

All of these modifiers are cumulative with each other and with the standard modifiers for posture, hit location, and technique. For instance, if a sitting fighter leans back on his hands and kicks up at the face of a standing foe, he takes the usual -2 for sitting, -2 for kicking, and -5 for targeting the face . . . and an extra -1 to target the face and -1 to kick, because he's sitting.

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