Unless the technique is based on Dodge or an attribute, it must specify at least one prerequisite skill. The technique automatically defaults to this skill - or, for defensive techniques, to the Block or Parry score calculated from this skill. If more than one skill qualifies as a prerequisite and gives a default, the buyer must specialize; see Specialties (p. 92-93). Skills that don't give defaults can still be logical prerequisites; e.g., Acrobatics for flamboyant jumping kicks, or Riding for mounted techniques.

It's reasonable to name another technique as a prerequisite, too. This may or may not give a default. A fighter must have at least a point in the prerequisite technique to improve the subsidiary technique, but he can always attempt it at default - or even at "double default," if he has points in the underlying skill but not in either technique.

Finally, advantages can be prerequisites. By far the most common of these is Style Familiarity (p. 49) with a style that teaches the technique. All cinematic techniques require Trained by a Master or Weapon Master - anyone can attempt them but only warriors with one of those advantages can improve them. Techniques for nonhumans might require Claws, Extra Arms, Strikers, etc., if they rely on such body parts.

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