Pressure Secrets

see p. B215

In a cinematic game that generally ignores Realistic Injury (pp. 136-139), the GM may opt to apply those rules selectively to Pressure Secrets attacks. For instance, Pressure Secrets might be able to target the hit locations defined under New Hit Locations (p. 137) and count as an impaling weapon where favorable - notably, when attacking veins and arteries. The GM might even rule that if a Pressure Secrets attack inflicts twice the injury needed to cripple an ear or a nose, it plucks off the body part, much as a cutting attack would. To make Pressure Secrets truly frightening, the GM could ignore Lasting and Permanent Injuries (pp. 138-139) for most attacks, even deadly hightech weapons, but enforce those rules when Pressure Secrets inflicts a major wound on the neck, skull, veins and arteries, or vitals.

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