Publication History

This is the third edition of GURPS Martial Arts. It was inspired by GURPS Martial Arts, Second Edition (1996), which itself combined GURPS Martial Arts, First Edition (1990) with GURPS Martial Arts Adventures (1993). Other important GURPS Third Edition supplements were GURPS Japan, Second Edition (1999) for Japanese fighting styles and equipment; GURPS Low-Tech (2001) for weapons in general; and GURPS Swashbucklers, Third Edition (1999) for European swords and swordplay. The authors also wish to thank Volker Bach for access to two articles originally published in Pyramid magazine: "The Western Way of War" and "Vechten Unde Schirmen: European . Martial Arts Before The Rapier."

Whip The current volume is a new work, not a revision of any of the above - they served primarily as sources of concepts, references, and terminology, not text.

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