Quick Contest Method

The simplest way to resolve a tournament is with a Contest (p. B348) between the fighters. Roll a Quick Contest of combat, Combat Art, or Combat Sport skills; the exact skills involved depend on the type of competition (see Competition Types, pp. 134-135). The winner of the Contest wins the match. This is useful when you only need to know who won. It works best for non-contact or light-contact events, or full-contact events where injury is rare (e.g., Kendo or Judo).

This method can be used to resolve "death match" tournaments, though - most often those involving NPCs. In this case, if the winning competitor fails his skill roll in the Contest, he takes a full-force hit from his opponent's best attack to a random hit location. This represents an injury suffered in the course of the match. The loser also suffers these consequences, even if his skill roll succeeds. If a contestant critically fails, roll three attacks in this manner. No defense rolls are allowed. Even if the fighter won, he suffered to do so!

A winning fighter may be victorious but suffer severe or even fatal injury. This isn't unrealistic. One Olympic Pankration match in ancient Greece was won posthumously - the winner was mortally wounded but forced his rival to submit before he expired!

For especially dramatic competitions, use this method round-by-round or point-by-point. Award the winning fighter the round or a point. Total up the number of winning rounds or points for each competitor to determine the winner.

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