Quick Sheathing

Being in a Reversed Grip makes a special Ready option available: you can scabbard your weapon in one turn instead of the usual two (p. B383). This is because one of the more common ways to sheathe a weapon involves assuming a Reversed Grip - and you've already done that! (The other way is to hold the weapon normally and take one turn to align it with its scabbard, another to sheathe it. This keeps your weapon in the more versatile normal grip should you need it during that first turn.)

If you have a Style Perk that enables you to use Fast-Draw to sheathe your weapon quickly, you can use it from a Reversed Grip. This lets you Ready to a Reversed Grip and attempt a Fast-Draw roll afterward to scabbard your weapon in one turn. If you make the skill roll for a rapid grip change followed by a Fast-Draw roll, you can sheathe your weapon instantly. See Iaijutsu (p. 174) for a style that offers this perk.

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