Quick Readying Nearby Weapons

Readying a weapon from the ground normally takes two Ready maneuvers: one to kneel or crouch and grab it, one to prepare it for combat. Assuming a low posture at the start of your first turn counts as a "step"; so does standing up at the end of your second turn. However, you can try a showy Ready maneuver that lets you grab and ready a weapon in one second. This requires a DX or Fast-Draw roll, at -3 if you crouch first or -5 if you use a foot to flip the weapon into your hand while standing.

Likewise, it takes two Ready maneuvers to fetch a weapon from a table or a weapon rack: one to grab it (and possibly release it from the rack), one to prepare it for fighting. You can remain standing, though; you needn't crouch. In this case, readying the weapon with a single Ready maneuver requires a DX or Fast-Draw roll at -3. Use this rule for a sword stuck point-down in the ground, too - but the modifier is -3 from horseback and only -1 on foot.

In all cases, success means you ready the weapon in one second (never instantly, even with Fast-Draw). Failure means you don't grasp the weapon and waste your entire turn clutching at air. Critical failure means you knock the weapon 1d yards away in a random direction. On an 18, you instead grab a blade or spike, or smash your hand into the floor, wall, or table. Roll thrust damage to your hand - or to your face, if flipping a weapon with your foot! This is cutting for a blade, crushing otherwise. If grabbing a sword stuck in the ground, it's the sword that's damaged - the tip snaps off, turning its impaling attack into a crushing one.

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