Rapid Strike with Thrown Weapons

Cinematic kung fu masters and ninja often hurl multiple throwing weapons with uncanny precision. To simulate this, the GM may wish to let Rapid Strike (p. B370) - including the cinematic version on p. 127 - work with thrown-weapon attacks. For instance, a warrior could toss two weapons at -6, three at -12, four at -18, and so on. Halve these penalties for Weapon Masters. Such a Rapid Strike can target multiple opponents, just like one made in melee combat.

If the weapons weigh less than 1 lb. apiece ^^^^^^ (e.g., daggers or shuriken), the fighter can carry up to four in one hand, ready for throwing - but if he's holding more than one, treat them as unready for melee combat. Each weapon rests between two fingers, not clutched in the fist, so the GM may let six-fingered races ready five weapons, limit four-fingered races to three, and so on. If the weapons weigh 1 lb. or more (e.g., large knives), it's only possible to hold one at the ready, but it's ready for all purposes.

A warrior can carefully ready multiple small weapons - or a single large weapon - by taking one Ready maneuver per weapon. Alternatively, he may Fast-Draw his weapons, as described under Multiple Fast-Draw (p. 103). Any failed Fast-Draw roll ends his turn. If he has a ready weapon in each hand and knows the Quick-Swap perk (p. 51) for the one in his "off" hand, he can even throw the weapon in his master hand, snatch the other weapon with Quick-Swap, and throw it with his master hand as part of the same Rapid Strike.

A fighter can mix and match weapons and means of readying. For instance, a ninja who wishes to hurl four shuriken could Fast-Draw all four or carefully ready some and Fast-Draw the rest. He could even throw the shuriken and then Fast-Draw or Quick-Swap a large knife and throw it. The thrower must declare how many attacks he intends to attempt before he starts. Use the Rapid Strike penalty for the number of attacks planned - even if a failed Fast-Draw roll or critical miss cuts things short.

This is not the same as throwing a weapon with each hand, which is a Dual-Weapon Attack (p. B417), but a fighter holding multiple small weapons ready in each hand can throw them all! All attacks with one hand are a single Rapid Strike, with an extra -4 for Dual-Weapon Attack and a further -4 for attacks with the "off" hand.

For instance, if our ninja had four shuriken in his right hand and two in his left, he could make two Rapid Strikes. His right-hand attacks would be at -18 for Rapid Strike and -4 for Dual-Weapon Attack: -22. His left-hand throws would have -6 for Rapid Strike, -4 for Dual-Weapon Attack, and -4 for using the off hand: -14. Needless to say, he'll want Weapon Master and Ambidexterity if he plans to do this often!

These rules represents multiple, carefully targeted attacks directed at specific foes and hit locations. To toss fistfuls of tiny items haphazardly as one big attack, see Rapid Fire with Thrown Weapons (p. 120).

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