Rapid Strike

In a cinematic campaign - especially a chambara or wuxia one - the GM may wish to allow more than two attacks with a Rapid Strike (p. B370). If so, the penalty becomes -6 per extra attack: -6 for two attacks, -12 for three, -18 for four, and so on. This applies to all the attacks; it doesn't accumulate gradually. For instance, three attacks would all be at -12.

Individuals with Trained by a Master or Weapon Master may halve this penalty; e.g., a Weapon Master could make four attacks at -9. In addition, the GM may rule that only those who have these advantages can attempt three or more attacks with a Rapid Strike.

The GM is free to cap the maximum number of attacks possible with a Rapid Strike. However, this rule is fairly self-limiting: a hero could attempt 10 attacks . . . but even with Weapon Master, he would be at -27! To ensure that only skilled warriors can make large numbers of attacks, simply limit adjusted skill to 12.

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