see p. B26

You can have a Reputation for always targeting a certain hit location, overusing a combat option or technique, playing dirty tricks, and so forth. Price this as you would a bad Reputation - but the effect is to make you predictable rather than to cause others to react poorly. "Foes in combat" is a small class of people; multiply point value by 1/3. Frequency of recognition further modifies cost, as usual.

An opponent who recognizes you is ready for your "signature move," making it less likely to work. If this move requires a Quick Contest (like a feint, or the Quick Contest of IQ discussed under Dirty Tricks, p. B405), apply your Reputation level to your roll as a penalty. If it involves an uncontested attack roll, add your level to your rival's defense roll as a bonus instead. This is cumulative with the benefits your enemy gets from Style Familiarity (p. 49) and Evaluate (see Countering Feints and Deceptive Attacks, p. 100) against your feints and Deceptive Attacks, and with the +1 he has to defend against repeated uses of Targeted Attack (p. 68).

Example: Louis Lafouine is notorious for stabbing at the eyes - so much so that what would be a surprising tactic from anyone else is expected from him. He buys four levels of Reputation for this. He gets x1/3 for "foes in combat" and he's recognized on a 10 or less - about half the time - for a further x1/2. His Reputation is worth -3 points. Those who recognize Louis get +4 to defend against blows to the eyes.

If you don't attempt your "signature move" in every fight, the GM is within his rights to require you to buy off your Reputation with earned points. If you always do the same thing in combat (and leave witnesses), the GM might assign you this kind of Reputation!

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