Reversed Grip

To go from a regular grip or Defensive Grip to a Reversed Grip (pp. 111-112), or vice versa, usually takes a Ready maneuver. This maneuver can also adjust reach (in fact, assuming a Reversed Grip automatically reduces the reach of most weapons) and switch between one- and two-handed grips. You can't use the same Ready to recover after an attack; that requires its own Ready maneuver. You can draw a sheathed weapon directly into a Reversed Grip, though.

There are techniques for shifting back and forth between a normal grip (but not a Defensive Grip) and a Reversed Grip without a Ready, but these are risky. To attempt a rapid grip change, make a weapon skill roll at -4 for a two-handed weapon, -6 for a one-handed one. Exception: A tonfa (p. 225) has a side handle specifically designed to allow this grip change, permitting a roll at unpenalized Tonfa skill.

Success means an immediate grip change, allowing you to take your turn normally. Your weapon must remain in the chosen grip for the remainder of your turn; you cannot change grips again.

Failure means you drop your weapon. Critical failure means you inflict Tip Slash (p. 113) damage on your torso and then drop your weapon! Any failure counts as an unsuccessful Ready maneuver and ends your turn.

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