See p B139

Your posture gives you +1 to strike or grapple the feet, legs, or groin of an upright foe whose Size Modifier is no more than one different from your own, but -1 to hit his neck, face, eye, or skull. For greater differences in SM, see Combat at Different Levels (p. B402).

Your joints bend the wrong way for Backbreaker, Elbow Drop, Elbow Strike, Knee Drop, Knee Strike, Piledriver, Two-Handed Punch, and Uppercut. You can't learn these techniques or attempt them at default. You can't make a flying tackle, either - but you can pounce if you have Extra Legs.

Your kicking damage is at -1 per die unless you have Claws or make a Back Kick or Stamp Kick. However, you can really put your back into a Head Butt. Add +1 per die to your damage with this technique!

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