See p B141

If you're standing, the penalties for Crippled Legs (-3) and Missing Legs (-6) affect all of your DX-based rolls in close combat, and opponents get +3 in the Contest for any takedown, Sweep, or similar move intended to knock you down. None of this applies if you're sitting, kneeling, or lying down - just use the usual penalties for your posture. You can attempt any technique at the above penalty, unless it requires more legs than you have (e.g., you can't use Scissors Hold with one leg).

If you're Legless, you must fight from the ground at the usual penalties (-4 to attack, -3 to defend) and can't do anything that requires legs, such as Knee Strike or any kick or leg-based grapple. Techniques that require you to drop to a sitting, kneeling, or prone posture (Backbreaker, Elbow Drop, Piledriver, etc.) are also impossible. An opponent with legs has an effective +1 SM advantage over you, giving him +3 to pin you or resist your pins. You must use your arms for a pin, which denies certain options under Shifting Grapples and Freeing Hands (pp. 117-118). However, you're immune to Leg Grapple, Leg Lock, Sweep, and similar attacks.

Safety Soldier

Safety Soldier

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