See p B145

No Fine Manipulators: You must "hug" to grapple, which is clumsy. Grapples, pins, and takedowns receive no penalty, but grappling techniques (notably Arm Lock, Backbreaker, Choke Hold, Head Lock, Leg Grapple, Leg Lock, and Piledriver) are at -4 unless they use only the legs, like Scissors Hold and everything under Using Your Legs (p. 79), or the teeth, like the Neck Snap (Teeth) and Wrench Limb (Teeth) options under Teeth (p. 115). You're at -4 to make a Judo Throw. Shoves and most unarmed strikes take no penalty, but attacks that require fingers are impossible, which rules out strangling and choking with hands, grabbing weapons, Eye-Poke, Finger Lock, Lethal Strike, and Pole-Vault Kick (you can't grip the pole).

No Manipulators: Your only close-combat attack options are a bite, slam (but not a flying tackle), Head Butt, or blow with a Striker. You can't pin a foe, and an enemy who has any hands at all gets +3 to pin you. You can only break free by wriggling, at -4.

Exception: Constriction Attack (p. B43) and Double-Jointed (p. B56) together enable grapples, takedowns, pins, chokes, locks, and breaking free at no penalty, using the torso - just like a python. Such attempts are equivalent to two-handed. You must learn body-only techniques separately, like those for teeth.

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