See p B54

The number of legs a foe must grapple to keep you from walking, kicking, etc., equals the number of crippled legs needed to make you fall. If he restrains fewer legs and you have more than twice his ST, you can walk - just lower Move by the usual amount for a small number of crippled legs.

Example: If you had six legs, a weak enemy grappling one leg would merely reduce your Move by 20% - he'd have to grapple four legs to immobilize you!

In addition, each leg past two gives +1 to resist enemy attempts to knock you over (e.g., takedown or Sweep) and to the roll to avoid falling after a missed kick. When you grapple using legs (see Using Your Legs, p. 79), each pair of legs after the first gives the bonuses specified under Extra Arms, above, per arm past the first two. If you have more legs than your foe has free hands, you get +3 to pin him by sitting on him (see Shifting Grapples and Freeing Hands, pp. 117-118). Finally, having four or more legs lets you attempt a pounce (p. B372).

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