Self Defense

One can learn almost any style for "self-defense," but some styles are more suitable than others. Today, these are generally unarmed styles, both because most people don't go armed at all times and because there are legal consequences to using a weapon in self-defense. In earlier times - or in rougher areas - weapons might be more common. Those concerned with self-defense in such situations tend to learn armed styles (or simply carry firearms!).

Common styles for self-defense include Aikijutsu (p. 149), Hapkido (p. 161), Karate (pp. 169-172), Krav Maga (p. 183), and Tae Kwon Do (p. 200) - with or without the "Self-Defense" lens. Short-course self-defense training typically has the lens. However, some students show up seeking self-defense lessons, enjoy the experience, and stay to learn the entire style.

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