Sentry Removal

Silently neutralizing a sentry is the only situation where a melee weapon is preferable to a firearm. This arises less often in reality than in action movies, which is why ordinary troops don't carry silencers, glove pistols, and similar exotica. When necessary, a knife will do and the goal is to kill, not to fight. If you can't silence the target without a struggle, shoot him - a single shot is no less stealthy than a screaming brawl. The Knife skill is all that's needed here, but techniques such as TA (Knife Swing/Throat) and TA (Knife Thrust/Vitals) aren't unknown.

Some styles teach the Garrote skill, but a garrote is tricky to use on someone wearing bulky body armor and web gear. Thus, the skill is typically optional.

MCMAP practitioners engage the foe with a punch, kick, grapple, or grab, followed by a throw or takedown attempt. They usually finish a downed opponent with a double stomp to the head: two Stamp Kicks aimed at the face or skull. Treat this as an All-Out Attack (Double) or Rapid Strike.

While MCMAP is a specific training style for a particular military branch, it's a good example of the kind of unarmed training used to condition recruits. Other services have very similar styles. None of these offer cinematic skills - they completely lack legends of special abilities. Cinematic stylists should simply buy high skill, ST, DX, and HT.

Remember that however skilled a Marine gets at unarmed combat, he's expected to rely on his firearms and bayonet first. All recruits receive bayonet training similar to Jukenjutsu (p. 197) in addition to MCMAP. They also receive firearms training, of course - but this isn't part of MCMAP or topical for Martial Arts.

Skills: Brawling; Judo.

Techniques: Disarming (Judo); Elbow Strike; Knee Strike; Stamp Kick; Targeted Attack (Stamp Kick/Face); Targeted Attack (Stamp Kick/Skull).

Perks: Improvised Weapons (Brawling).

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