Severe Bleeding

Realistic campaigns should probably use the optional Bleeding rules on p. B420. In gritty games, the GM might also want to use the rules below for severe injuries. Where these indicate a penalty to bleeding rolls, this is cumulative with the usual -1 per 5 HP of injury. For greater deadliness, add the penalties for multiple injuries and use the highest applicable rate of blood loss.

Dismemberment: Destroying a body part causes profuse bleeding. Bleeding rolls are at an extra -1 to HT for a superficial loss (ear, nose, etc.), -2 for an extremity, or -3 for a limb. Add another -1 for an extremity or limb actually severed by cutting damage. For a limb, make bleeding rolls every 30 seconds - not once per minute - regardless of how it was lost. In all cases, once HP lost to bleeding equal the injury needed to cripple the body part, revert to using the normal bleeding rules.

Neck: Cutting, impaling, and piercing attacks to the neck can cause severe blood loss even if they don't hit veins or arteries. Make bleeding rolls every 30 seconds, at -2.

Skull or Eye: Bleeding due to a cutting, impaling, piercing, or tight-beam burning attack to the skull - directly or via an eye - reduces blood flow to the brain. The amount of blood might not be especially large but any blood loss is severe; lasting harm occurs in only a short time. Make bleeding rolls every 30 seconds.

Veins and Arteries: Bleeding rolls are at -3 - or at -4 if the injury was due to a cutting attack. Make bleeding rolls every 30 seconds. This assumes a severe but not automatically lethal cut. See New Hit Locations (above) for the "instant death" due to bleeding.

Vitals: Internal bleeding from injuries to vital organs is usually fatal without surgery. Make bleeding rolls every 30 seconds, and roll at -4.

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