Shifting Grapples and Freeing Hands

These options let you change how you're grappling or pinning a foe:

Add a Hand: If you've grappled or pinned a foe, you can dedicate one or more additional hands to restraining him. This makes it easier to choke him and harder for him to break free, and lets you use techniques that require more hands. Adding hands is a free action at the start of your turn. The hands used must be empty. Once you commit a hand, you can't use it for barehanded attacks until your next turn, when you can let go as a free action (see Release a Hand, see below).

Release a Hand: If you've grappled or pinned a foe, releasing your grip with one or more hands - usually so that you can strike - is a free action on your turn. To maintain your grapple or pin, you must hold on with at least one hand (but see below). If you let go with all of your hands, your victim breaks free! One-handed locks and holds are less effective; see The Sound of One Hand Grappling (p. 116).

Shift Grip: If you've grappled a foe, you may relocate your grip from its current hit location to a new one - typically to prepare for a technique that requires you to grapple a specific body part. This isn't a free action; it counts as an attack. Roll a Quick Contest, with each fighter using the highest of DX or his best grappling skill. The fighter with the most free hands gets +3. The hit locations involved are irrelevant. If you win, your grip shifts to the desired location. On a tie, you're still grappling the original body part. If you lose, your foe breaks free. If you don't mind the extra turn and the chance of losing your grip, you can grapple the torso and shift grip to avoid hit location penalties.

Sit on Him: If you've pinned a foe, you can restrain him by sitting on him. This shift counts as an attack. Roll a Quick Contest. Each contestant uses the highest of ST, DX, or his best grappling skill. The larger fighter gets +3 for every point by which his SM exceeds his enemy's. Your victim gets +2 per arm after the first two. If you win, you free all of your hands and change posture to sitting. You may choose to sit on his upper body, in which case he can attack using legs, or on his lower body, in which case he can attack with one arm. All of his attacks suffer the usual -4 for lying down and -4 for being grappled. You have +5, not +10, against his break free attempts, as if using one hand. He's otherwise pinned, and can't move, change posture, etc., until he breaks free. On a tie, you keep the original pin. If you lose, your foe breaks free and rolls out from under you.

Grab and Smash!

Grapples can set up vicious strikes. These tactics are realistic but complex. It's the GM's call whether to allow them.

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