Shoving People Around

If you've grappled a foe and you're both standing, you can try to use him as cover, make him walk, etc. This counts as an attack. Roll a Quick Contest, with each contestant using the highest of ST, DX, or his best grappling skill. If you have your rival in a lock or a hold, you may use your level with your grappling technique, get +3 no matter what you roll against, and gain your technique's bonus for using a weapon (if any) - but since you're using pain to force compliance, he has +3 for High Pain Threshold or -4 for Low Pain Threshold.

If you win, you may move behind him (your facing changes), spin him to put his back to you (his facing changes), or force him to take a step in any direction with you - all without letting go. If he wins, he gets his margin of victory as a bonus if he tries to break free on his next turn. A tie means nothing happens.

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Self Defense For Women

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