If a custom-built technique defaults to multiple skills, list those skills. Individuals who learn the technique must specify which version they know and note the skill name as the technique's "specialty" on their character sheet; e.g., Elbow Strike (Brawling) or Elbow Strike (Karate). There's no default between such specialties - even if the parent skills do default to one another.

Techniques that default to other techniques automatically "inherit" the specialty of the parent technique. For instance, if a student learns Finger Lock from his default to Arm Lock (Judo), he automatically has Finger Lock (Judo).

All of this applies equally to defensive techniques. The fighter must specify both the defense (Block, Dodge, or Parry) and the skill that enables it (unnecessary for Dodge); e.g., Dual-Weapon Defense (Shield Block) or Dual-Weapon Defense (Staff Parry).

If a technique defaults only to ST, DX, Dodge, or a similar score that doesn't derive from a skill level, it doesn't require specialization.

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