Sport Competitions

Demonstrations: These tournaments are a show of the competitors' artistic form and control. Each performs one or more kata, drills, or forms. Judging is point-based. Use Combat Art skills to resolve such competitions.

Non-Contact: In these tournaments, fighters throw full-force blows at each other but must stop just prior to touching the target. This prevents injury except in rare cases (a critical failure). Judges stationed around the ring or square judge the effectiveness of attacks. Points are scored for proper techniques aimed at specific targets. Typically, play halts after each "hit" so that the judges can score. Then the fighters return to their start positions. Non-contact contests use either Combat Art or Combat Sport skills.

Light Contact: Light-contact bouts are similar to non-contact ones, but some physical contact occurs and fighters must pull their blows to avoid inflicting injury. Alternatively, blows are dealt with some force, but armor, padded gloves, or (for weapon competitions) specially designed weapons prevent serious injury; for details, see Training Equipment (pp. 232-234). Non-striking sport styles like Greco-Roman Wrestling and Judo, which forbid holds that can cause injury, are also light contact. Use Combat Sport skills to resolve these matches.

Greek Pankration matches, and early Sumo tournaments are no holds barred. Use standard combat skills to resolve such bouts.

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