Spotting Feints

The GM shouldn't tell the players when an NPC makes a successful feint or Ruse against a PC. He should do everything he can to convince them that the NPC just missed. By the same token, the GM shouldn't abuse his omniscience and have NPCs flee from successful feints by PCs. By definition, the subject of a feint doesn't know he's been had! An observer who takes a Concentrate maneuver and makes a successful roll against Tactics or Body Language (to "read" one of the fighters involved) might realize what's going on . . . but this shouldn't be automatic.

One way to remove the temptation to act on gamingtable knowledge in the game is to have all combatants declare feints and Ruses when they execute them . . . but to roll the Quick Contest the instant before the attack it would affect. Treat the Quick Contest and the attack roll as a single

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