Spring and Autumn

The period known as "Spring and Autumn" lasted from 722 to 481 B.C. It was during this time that the xia lived (see Xia, p. 8). The xia are a Martial Arts campaign waiting to happen. Many modern martial-arts legends originate in tales of the xia.

The xia confront bandits, corrupt bureaucrats, evil warlords, and injustice in general. In a magical campaign, they face the supernatural as well. The Vigilante Justice (p. 249) theme is tailor-made for them - they aren't government officials but self-motivated do-gooders bent on justice, not law! The period of the xia is rather short, but there's no good reason not to extend it. Later xia might confront Mongol invaders, fight the Manchu, and stand side-by-side with Shaolin monks.

Virtually any kung fu style is appropriate for xia. In a cinematic game, any Chinese style works, no matter how anachronistic. Cinematic Wushu (pp. 206-207) is especially suitable. It's a 20th-century style, but actors in wuxia movies are frequently Wushu practitioners.

Campaigns featuring xia work best if using the realism level described for Epic (p. 239) or even Over-the-Top (p. 239), as legends of the xia emphasize abilities far beyond the constraints of reality. Almost any power level can work if cinematic abilities exist - although players familiar with the genre might be disappointed if the game lacks wire-work, invincible swordsmen, and magic, all of which drive up the power level. Even in games that lack cinematic abilities, the

PCs should firmly believe in such things and expect and respect the supernatural.

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