"Streetfighting" systems are generally simpler and more direct than other martial arts. They eschew fancy techniques, kata, and art or sport forms in favor of what works in a fight, and openly accept "dirty" techniques such as shots to the groin or eyes (see Go for the Eyes!, p. 72). Practicality trumps attractiveness and legality.

Some styles were born "stripped down" for use on the street: Krav Maga (p. 183) is a streetfighting system and Jeet Kune Do (pp. 164-165) is - in the words of Bruce Lee, its creator - "scientific streetfighting." However, nearly every modern style claims some degree of street utility. The more combat-oriented the style, the less modification it needs for this to be true. Omitting forms, kata, belts, and similar formalities is widely regarded as being a necessary step.

A student of even the most artistic style can become a street-fighter - it just requires extreme dedication and training.

Streetfighting styles also include ad hoc "prison" or "prison yard" styles. These have a relatively small body of techniques; they only retain what works. Weapons, if any, are improvised. Emphasis is on quickly eliminating the opponent before the guards see who did what to whom.

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