see p. B88

In a cinematic game, the GM may permit fighters to buy any body part that isn't a limb or an extremity as a Striker. Real-world martial artists have claimed to have "iron" foreheads and buttocks, among other things. Such Strikers must be crushing, can't have the Long enhancement, and frequently suffer from Cannot Parry, Clumsy, and/or Limited Arc.

Video game-inspired Strikers - such as a heavy spiked ball at the end of a long braid - have no such restrictions. They can have almost any reach and damage type. It's up to the GM whether things like that spiked ball are Strikers or just equipment. As a rule, if it gets damage bonuses from unarmed combat skills and you're gaming in an unrealistic genre where searches for weapons always conveniently overlook it, it's a Striker.

All Strikers inflict thrust damage at +1 per die - more than most punches and kicks.

New Special Limitation

Limb: Your crushing Striker isn't a new body part but a limb. The limb has its normal reach and can strike with Brawling or Karate. Find punching or kicking damage as usual, including skill bonuses, and add +1 per die for the Striker. This isn't cumulative with the effects of Claws. Limb, Arm is cinematic, and also lets you parry with the arm as if it were a weapon; Unusual Background and training time are as per Claws (p. 42). Limb, Shin is a realistic part of some styles' training, and enhances shin kicks (p. 112). -20%.

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