Striking at Shields

You can attack a shield, cloak, or buckler much as you would a weapon. Use Striking at Weapons (pp. B400-401) with the following modifications.

If the shield is strapped to your adversary's arm, you can only strike to damage it; you can't knock it from his grasp. The penalty to hit is the usual -4 to attack a reach 1 melee weapon, but add a bonus equal to the shield or cloak's Defense Bonus (DB). This gives -3 to hit a light or small shield, or a light cloak; -2 to hit a medium shield or a heavy cloak; or -1 to hit a large shield.

If your opponent is using a cloak or hand-held buckler -that is, anything that uses the Cloak or Shield (Buckler) skill - you can strike to disarm, if you prefer. Use the penalty above, but all weapons (even fencing weapons) suffer an extra -2 to hit.

Your victim may dodge or block (but not parry) your attack. Retreating gives its usual bonus. His DB doesn't add to his defense roll, however. A shield or cloak's DB rates its tendency to get in the way, and he's trying to get it out of the way or turn it so that the blow slides off.

Resolve damage to shields and cloaks according to Damage to Shields (p. B484); see Shields (p. B287) for DR and HP. In a disarm attempt against a cloak or buckler, roll the usual Quick Contest. Neither fighter receives any modifier for weapon type.

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