Style Perks

Improvements to combat skills and techniques correspond primarily to increases in accuracy. Not all advanced martial-arts classes have this goal in mind, however. Some teach how to fight under adverse conditions, eliminating penalties rather than providing bonuses. Others show students new, unorthodox applications of lessons they've already learned. Familiarization with another style - with the goal of imparting the tools to adapt its techniques - is common, too. Unusual exercise regimens intended to toughen body parts or develop other physical advantages are yet another possibility.

Each form of special training corresponds to a special perk called a "Style Perk." An exceptional time investment in learning the style's more mainstream components is the surest path to Style Perks. A student with Style Familiarity may buy one Style Perk per full 10 points he has in that styles techniques and required skills. A martial artist never has to learn Style Perks. The training they represent isn't universal, and is optional even when offered.

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