You can swing from any rope, chandelier, etc., strong enough to support your weight (GM's decision). If it's within reach or you can reach it with a step, simply grab it and swing. If it's more than a yard above you, roll vs. Jumping to reach it. Failure means you waste your turn jumping and missing; critical failure means you fall down.

The object's length determines how far you can swing. Regardless of its true length, its effective length can't exceed the distance from its suspension point to the ground. You can swing a distance of up to 3/4 of length in any direction from an object hanging vertically. If it's roughly 45° off-vertical, like a tied curtain, you can swing twice as far but your path must follow the imaginary line through your starting position and the place where the object would hang vertically. You can veer up to 10% of swinging distance (minimum a yard) to either side to avoid obstacles.

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