Switching Weapon Skills

Many weapons work with more than one combat skill. If you must change the number of hands involved in order to change skills, switching skills requires a Ready maneuver. This includes preparing a two-handed missile weapon, like a bow, for use as an improvised one-handed club.

If you can change skills without changing the number of hands involved, though, you can simply specify which skill you're using as a free action at the start of your turn. This doesn't require a Ready maneuver. However, it compels you to use your level with that skill and the statistics listed under that skill on the weapon table, and limits you to techniques and options valid for that skill. At the start of your next turn, you can specify a different skill.

Example: A warrior with a spear can wield it one-handed using Thrown Weapon (Spear), one- or two-handed with Spear, or two-handed with Staff. If he has it ready for throwing in one hand and a foe steps into melee range, he can simply declare he's using Spear instead of Thrown Weapon at the start of his next turn. If he wants to switch to a two-handed Spear grip for better thrusting damage, he'll need a Ready maneuver. Once his spear is in that grip, he can choose to use it with either Spear or Staff at the start of each turn. Spear allows him to stab with the tip but he must parry using Spear. Staff gives him +2 to Parry but limits him to Staff techniques, crushing damage, etc.

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