The Sound of One Hand Grappling

Most grappling techniques in Chapter 3 "require" two hands. In reality, there are one-handed variants of Arm Lock, Choke Hold, Head Lock, Leg Lock, Neck Snap, and Wrench Limb (but not Backbreaker, Piledriver, or Wrench Spine).

DX-based rolls to initiate such moves are at -2, or at -4 if using the crook of one arm because the hand isn't free. This is cumulative with any penalties in the technique description (e.g., the -1 to use Choke Hold from in front). DX-based rolls to inflict damage, including throws from locks (pp. 118-119), are at -4.

ST-based effects use half ST, rounded down. This affects defaults (e.g., for Neck Snap), Quick Contests, and thrust and swing damage. When strangling, halve ST instead of applying the -5 on p. B370. Should a technique give a ST bonus - intrinsic or for using a weapon - add it after halving.

If a technique offers a choice of rolls, always use the most favorable.

If your victim tries to break free, you obviously can't claim the +5 for using two hands when you're using just one; see p. B371. Moreover, you don't benefit from the technique's innate bonuses to keep him from breaking free (e.g., +4 for Arm Lock) and he doesn't suffer its special penalties (e.g., -1 per repeated attempt for Arm Lock).

into the ground using Elbow Drop or Piledriver, if you have the necessary hands or elbows. Your SM must exceed your victim's to pin him "hands free" by landing on him; treat this as sitting on him. You can't make or be affected by any attack that requires legs or feet.

Sessile: You can't do anything that requires legs, a posture change, or so much as one step of moment. All you can do is strike and grapple with any arms or Strikers you have. However, you're completely immune to takedowns, Sweep, Trip, etc.

Slithers: As Legless, unless you have both Constriction Attack (p. B43) and Double-Jointed (p. B56). Then the exception under No Fine Manipulators (above) applies.

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